About us


Dear sport people,

Please allow me to introduce myself and the company. My name is Yvonne Coert and I am co-owner of ALIS Sportive Travel. Belediye is a company that keeps itself busy with sport holidays. We have been busy with these trips, mostly to Alanya, for the past 4 years. We continued under the name ALIS Sportive Travel since Januari 1st 2019.

ALIS Sportive Travel works from the conviction that it should be possible for everyone to enjoy a perfectly arranged holiday sports trip. Sports contribute to a healthy lifestyle and is important for both the body and the mind; sports make you happy.

We work together with the following company’s: Oracle ReizenSteroma and “Buitengewoon Travel” in Zwolle (Award winner 2017 and 2018 of specialized trips).

Anyone who would like to celebrate their holiday in a challenging, groundbreaking and sport oriented way is welcome at ALIS Sportive Travel. We organize trips for different sized groups, families and individuals, from students to businessman, from top athlete to starting athlete, abled and disabled people and people of every age. No wish is too crazy and the possibilities are endless. We use the Saying “A journey can be tailor-made and tailored to wishes and desires.”

ALIS Sportive Travel

At the company, we work from the conviction that it should be possible for anyone to enjoy a sporting and challenging sports trip. Whether someone; is doing an individual sport at a high level, wants to prepare with his disabled football team for the competition season or wants to do teambuilding in a sporting way, it is all possible. At ALIS we assume possibilities, not limitations.


ALIS Sportive Travel is a young intermediary organization that works since 2015. For years, the founder had a deep-rooted passion for sports. However, when he ended up in a wheelchair a couple of years ago, he began to notice how difficult it is for people with disabilities to be able to make trips. Definitely in the field of sport and well-being. Based on his experience, the idea arose to change this for the people, so that for all sports enthusiasts, regardless of level or limitation, it is possible to experience a sports trip that meets all expectations in sports and even surpasses where possible.

Mission, vision & core values

The mission of ALIS Sportive Travel is “Making it possible for everyone to enjoy sports trips in Europe, regardless of any physical or mental limitations.”