What does the Turkish Riviera have to offer you?

* First of all, a lot of sun! With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the Turkish Riviera is a wonderful destination for those who want to escape the drizzly Dutch weather. Did you know that the strong sunlight provides an extra production in the brains of the ‘lucky substances’ serotonin and dopamine? The salt content in the air and the sea are also beneficial for body and soul and what if ALIS Sportive Travel can offer you just a little bit more than that?

* Culture, ancient culture! In the surroundings of Alanya you will find many remains from times gone by. The municipality of Alanya has invested heavily in recent years in making the relics of Alanya’s glory time under Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat in the thirteenth century. The castle, the shipyard, the Red Tower, the old market place, all are worth a look at.

* Sociability and fun! The Saturday market of Mahmutlar is known as the largest and cosiest in the region. Restaurants can be found there and if you are looking for entertainment outside the vicinity, then there are fun day trips such as a jeep safari, boat trip, rafting, a trip to the Sapadere Kanyonu or the waterfalls of Manavgat. Also for the evening, there are plenty of fun activities to visit!

* Shopping, shopping, shopping! Turkey is known for, among other things, cheap textiles and leather. In many shops, but you can also succeed very well on the market if you want to fill your wardrobe. You can also score good jewelry, perfumes and sunglasses in Alanya. Bargaining is a must, but remember that the seller also has to earn for the living.

* Hospitality and service! Do not be surprised if you are offered a glass of tea everywhere or if you are towed when you ask for directions somewhere. The Turkish people like to make you feel like a tourist, they prefer to see you back next year. That is also the reason why you will not notice anything of political or other tensions.

* Nature, overwhelming nature! Day trips are offered in the mountains or in the waterfalls, but you can also go on your own – with a rental car or by bus or taxi. Special recommendations are the Dimçayı (a river with many restaurants and picnic areas), the Dimmağarası (a dripstone cave) and the Sapadere Kanyonu.

* The best food and drinks! The Turkish cuisine is a very varied and appreciated kitchen with lots of fresh vegetables, salads, grilled meat and fish. The so-called ‘meze’, dishes and appetizers that go together with bread are also very nice and good for a whole meal! The national alcoholic beverage is rakı, an aniseed that turns white when mixed with water.

So there are more than enough reasons to visit the Turkish Riveira!