What is included?


Mountain biking in the mountains of Alanya

Jeep safari in the mountains of Alanya

Boot camping

Bike tour with sightseeing puzzle in Alanya

Turkish party at night optionally followed by a DJ

Student PUB Quiz 

Beach day with various team games

Also including a evening BBQ and Beach Party

Karaoke night

Several teams sports i.e. football, tennis, basketball, volleyball (also beach)


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Why teambuilding? 

1. Trust

To bring a game to a good end, practice a team sport or solve a riddle. Working together and trusting each other is very important. The goal is to achieve the best possible result. This feeling of trust will later also be present on the work floor and make a positive contribution to the work that needs to be done.

2. Communication

Good communication with companies is often a problem. At a company outing, you must work together to achieve the final goal. Communicating is then very important and when the goal is reached the team will be proud. It is important to put the right people together in a team.

3. You get to know each other differently

At work you build a bond with your colleagues, you see each other more often than your partner. But this band is purely focused on the work. On a company outing you get to know each other from a completely different angle, also the colleague with whom you have little contact with or who do not have a match at work. In daily life, your colleague can be a completely different person. This also benefits the mutual atmosphere.

4. Just a nice weekend!

Team building is good for the band in the team and for the mutual understanding but also very nice. Be busy with things other than work that will be discussed much later in the workplace.